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Where are you?
What are your needs?

Our phase approach
serves your orientation.

Icon Phase I

Management briefing and
development status

In a virtual brief, we present the
contemporary elements

of corporate
responsibility and coordinate your
status and

needs directly with you.

As a result, you will know where and

how to take effective first steps.

Icon Serviceformate Phase I

Our service format

Short conference in a 30-minute

virtual format (free of charge)

Icon Phase II

and alignment

Your company understands CR requirements and develops internal knowledge about its own status.

The state of the organization is analyzed, and initial possible goals are discussed.

The result is a draft strategy
with suitable

initial approaches
and measures.

Icon Serviceformate Phase II

Our performance formats

Initial training workshop

Basic training virtually or on-site,

tailored to your specific needs

Individual support during the

first steps in the process

On-site learning and development

workshops with your team

Icon Checkliste Phase II

Check list

What is your CR status?

You have not yet addressed general issues related to sustainability requirements.

You know neither specific nor general sustainability requirements of the market.

You have special customer requirements for which you have not yet developed final solutions. (Company self-assessment, supply chain due diligence law)

You would like to carry out a CO2 determination or a life cycle analysis for your company or for your products (according to the GHG protocol or similar standards) and are looking for pragmatic solutions.

You would like to develop a strategy for reducing the CO2 footprint. Among other things, you would like to neutralize CO2 shares via market compensation tools, but do not know the market options.

Icon Phase III

& Transition

Translating the general strategy into operational reality. This is done by defining CR targets and setting timetables within the company. If necessary, company-specific adjustments and transition scenarios are developed and implemented.

Your result is a clear implementation roadmap with which you can safely achieve the defined goals.

Icon Serviceformate Phase III

Our methodology

Individually designed advanced
training and

training workshops

Active project support

Project management and
measures supervision

Process support, development
and monitoring

Life cycle assessments of
products and product groups

Icon Checkliste Phase III

Check list

CR Status Phase III

You want to develop a general CR strategy and internally coordinate and define organizational framework conditions for the optimal processing of CR core requirements.

A stakeholder analysis with an overarching action plan for implementing your CR goals is not yet available.

Your company self-assessment has not yet been created and you still need to back up the required input with internal data as well as select a suitable platform.

The strategy for implementing CO2 reductions at product, component or company level must be developed within the organization.

The specific strategy for offsetting CO2 shares must be continuously optimized both for internal offsetting (own PV, wind) and for external offsetting according to market options.

Icon Phase IV

& Improvement

The strategy has become a reality and has largely been implemented. The task now is to implement continuous improvement processes and ensure fine-tuning of the strategy with the requirements of day-to-day business.

Monitoring of CR governance is ensured internally and along the
supply chain. The requirements, reporting routines and monitoring mechanisms must be established at least with direct suppliers, but preferably along the entire supply chain.

Reporting to stakeholders is being developed.

Your result is a CR policy firmly anchored

in day-to-day business and which ensures compliance with all requirements for your

supply chain activities.

Icon Serviceformate Phase IV

Our service formats

Management reports
and dashboards

Development and
monitoring routines

Refresher workshops

Addressing, training, and
monitoring the supply chain

Icon Checkliste Phase IV

Check list

Statements that fit Phase IV

You want to implement the strategy you have developed or align your CR organization with new requirements.

The CR action plan must be worked through.

Assessments are served via relevant platforms, but you want to standardize the processes internally.

The implementation of CO2 reductions at product, component or company level must be implemented and documented on a company-wide and project-specific basis.

Your organization has a clear approach to reducing your carbon footprint but needs to continually evolve.

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