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txeins CR Services

Success is only possible if
sustainability is considered

Corporate responsibility and reduction of the carbon footprint,

will lead to a new way of doing business. We are sure that this will bring great opportunities: for you as a medium-sized company,

for your customers, your employees, and for all other stakeholders,

but also for our planet.

With our CR Services, we support medium-sized companies in the

initial assessment of their current »sustainability status«, in the

development of strategies and measures, and in their implementation

along the entire value chain leading to improvements for your company, your supply chain and to your customers.

Since every organization has a different

starting point, we can focus on where there

is the greatest critical need at first.

Where do you stand?

Our phase approach can be
the basis of our engagement

Where are you?
What are your needs?

Check where your organization stands in terms

of corporate responsibility based on our descriptions

or take our offer from Phase I:

Where do you stand?

Use our phase model for
orientation for your company.

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General CR-Management

Icon Strategie und General Corporate-Responsibility Management

Strategy and General Corporate
Responsibility Management

txeins CR Services takes a holistic module-based approach.

This enables an individual customer-centric focus.

Individual modules

Stakeholder analysis
and market requirements

Key Aspects:

Define systematics of
requirements analysis

Customer requirements, regulations
at hand, NGO context

Shareholder, management and
employee interests

Materiality analyses

Key Aspects:

Definition of your own CR
risk management

Prioritization of internal and
external sustainability risks

Implementation and documentation

Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Key Aspects:

Requirements of Supply Chain
Due Diligence Act

Transfer of the requirements to
individual company circumstances

Compliance strategy of all necessary elements such as

supply chain review, risk handling and reporting

Conflict Minerals Management

Key Aspects:

Requirements such as those
from the U.S.

Dodd-Frank Act and
similar EU laws

Transfer of the requirements to
individual company conditions

Compliance strategy of all necessary elements such as

supply chain review, risk handling and reporting

CR Organizational development

Key Aspects:

Definition of the organizational requirements of successful

CR management and the focal points for action

Transfer of a CR organizational structure to the respective company

Development and anchoring of
individual CR processes

Supply Chain Management

Key Aspects:

Formulation of CR requirements
for the supply chain

Implementation concepts in
supplier management

Individual supplier development

CR Ratings

Key Aspects:

Explanation of different instruments and platforms

for company self-assessment and auditing

Required internal synchronization
or management

of the customer requirement

Introduction of the selected instruments

Information Security Management

Key Aspects:

Corporate security requirements
in the industry

Presentation of existing standards

Review of the security architecture and

development of a procedural concept



Icon Footprint Management

Footprint Management

With our txeins CR-Services CO2-Footprint-approach

we support companies in their successful transition to a

CO2 neutral business model.

Individual modules

Determination of CO2-Footprint &
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Key Aspects:

Basic understanding of calculation methods and backgrounds

Identifying the different environmental impacts of company

activities as well as their products

Documented and reproducible determination methodology

Support Innovation & Design

Key Aspects:

Determination of the development target

based on customer requirements

Coordination of the technologically potentially possible

paths to CO2 neutrality or reduction at the product

and manufacturing process level

Individual action planning and implementation of company-wide,

commodity-specific as well as customer-specific requirements

Green Energy Management

Key Aspects:

Setting the objective and the timeline

Description of the paths to CO2
neutrality or reduction

Individual action planning and implementation



Icon CR-Public Relation

CR-Public Relation

txeins CR Services supports you in developing a

comprehensive public relations concept without which

no CR approach can be successful.

Individual modules

Communication concept

Key Aspects:

Presentation of effective internal
and external communication

Determination of the communicative company goals

Development and implementation of a communication

concept and policy


Key Aspects:

CR data consolidation concept for
reporting obligations

Monitoring of CR status incl. integration of supply chain reporting

Determination of the internal and
external scope of reporting, e.g.,
own sustainability report, integration
in annual report

Assessment and Auditing

Key Aspects:

Ensure an understanding of Self Assessment Tools

(SAQs) used in the market as well as customer specific


Own assessment strategy and training of the

responsible organizational units

Preparation of 2nd/3rd party audits and

own review of the supply chain


Current trainings

Aktuelle Angebote

You can find our current range of training courses and workshops on the topic of sustainability here.

CR-Trainings Basic CO2/LCA – Advanced Managementbriefings

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approach to a
solution and your benefit
is the focus of our actions.

We act transparently
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We bring together our different expertise, perspectives,

and experiences, towards the best solutions for your company, and

offer you an individual, high quality and affordable service.

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